Saturday, March 28, 2015

Norquist Can't Explain Why Terrorists Write him Checks...


  1. I gonna kindly ask you to help me out here. Everything I always wanted to know about Beck but was afraid to ask. I’m at risk of making a colossal tit of myself, so be gentle with me.

    Is this guy for real (he’s far from new to me, BTW)? I was watching a segment on his site, where he interviewed John Hagee. It was all rather tame and Hagee… well Hagee does what Hagee is so I’ll ignore the babbling about ‘3 Heavens’ etc. Bottom line, Hagee’s ramblings aside, there wasn’t even that much to disagree with.

    Of course we’ve also had Beck in search of Communism in the symbols of State, which was pure burlesque. And now Baltimore being the stage for a coup d’├ętat. He’ll be murdered first (slight case of self-aggrandisement, maybe?), according to his latest prophecy. Norquist as an agent of the MB… the list goes on.

    In the end I tried body language (something I generally don’t really believe in: acting is too easy). I got a ‘no read’. Total blank.

    So what is this guy? A successful entrepreneur who could have been making docs about ‘Area 51’ and alien abductions just for money, but decided on ‘politics’ instead? A believer of the wackiest kind? Well-meaning but dumb beyond words? Except: he’s very smart in that almost undefinable way. Tapping lucratively into that near-infinite well of American conspiracy theory?

    Help me out here FJ, all my humble (yet considerable) Americanology teaches me nothing here. The man’s an enigma.

    Need to know, FJ, need to know. Sapere Aude, honest…

  2. Glenn Beck is the Right's very own Howard Zinn ("A People's History of the United States"). Every tale he weave's is 1,000 percent as factual and true, provided you've got the proper ideological goggle's on. The "narrative" just spins itself.

    One day, the "Right" will regain the "Narrative". And when it does, best lay low, Gert.

  3. Ah. So you did answer me. Ta.

    All Hail The Beck! Recent fart (McKinney):

    “They made you afraid,” Beck said. “Why are people not speaking out on things now? You’re afraid. Why don’t you say things anymore? Because you might be called a nasty name? You might be destroyed. They are making you afraid. The first thing the goon squads that Hitler had out — do you know he grabbed control of Germany? Now, thank God, we’re not there. But it’s happening to us mentally.”

    He then brought up Hitler’s SA, which he called the “Brownshirts,” that functioned as the Nazi paramilitary unit. The problem with America today, Beck argued, are progressives so intent on quashing free speech that they are essentially Nazis and we are essentially in Nazi Europe.